We hope you enjoyed participating in the Language League Kick Off: French/Spanish/German project. We would appreciate your comments about this in order to improve future projects and competitions. Please could you complete this form.

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School Name:

I am a:  Boy Girl

Home postcode:

Year group:

Do you speak another language e.g. at home?  Yes No

What did you think about your workbook? Please tick any words that apply to you:
 Motivating Interesting Confusing Fun Hard Relevant Challenging Boring Stimulating Disappointing Inspiring

Beforetaking part in the Language League Kick Off Workbook which of the following did you agree/disagree with:

Did you think language learning was important?

Did you think that languages are as important as other subjects at school?

Did you find learning languages at school enjoyable?

Have you considered studying languages at GCSE/A Level/University?

After taking part and completing your Language League Workbook which of the following do you agree/disagree with:

I learnt more about the benefits of being able to speak another language

I am more likely to study a language than I was before

I enjoyed completing the workbook

The workbook has built my confidence & motivation

Did you enjoy the overall Language League workbook?

Have your views about learning languages improved taking part in the project?

Do you now think that learning languages is as important as learning other subjects?

Do you now think languages will be useful when you are looking for a job in the future?

Would you like to study languages at GCSE/A Level/University?

Do you have any suggestions for how we could improve or do things differently, or any other comments to make?

Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire.